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Friday, August 5, 2011

Siamese Cherries

Hello Friends,

The Siamese Cherries are finally ripe for the picking. These are all hand casted and painted, so each Cherry will be a unique piece of art. I am starting the Cherry of the month club; each month a new flavor will be available for you to take home. The 1st release is the Red Cherry, which will be an open run, but future colors will be produced in limited numbers. Andy from asked me a few questions regarding the character, and here is what I sent him:

Since I work from home, I have a very close bond with my daughter. She and I spend a lot of time together and we have lots of fun, but there are days where she is very clingy and latches on to me like a lamprey, which can be a little frustrating lol. Even though it drives me crazy, I also think it's very sweet that she likes to hang out with me and keep me company, so I wanted this to be something lighthearted, which is why I chose my Cherry character.

The gist is that I am the big Cherry and I was given a wonderful gift, that would ALWAYS keep me company whether I liked it or not hahah

Here are the product details: The Cherries measure 3" tall by 3" wide, each is casted out of resin and hand painted with oil paints, and retail for $50 plus shipping.

I know not everyone has FaceBook or Twitter, so this is the easiest way of making them available to everyone. If you are interested in providing a loving home for one of these lil guys please respond in this post with your email address and I will send you a paypal invoice. Please keep in mind that these are all done by me, so please be patient, I will be painting them as the orders come in.

Thank you,


Quiche said...

neverfoldorama (at) gmail (dot) com

flackattack said...

so excited!

babyvtec said...! C'mon now! LOL <3 ya, Lou!

Stephen Donaldson said...

Signing up for myself and Leah for 1 each.

j*ryu said...

1 pls. You have my email, thanks.

CS said...

kyattojunk at gmail dot com


Toygodd said...

toygoddd@gmailcom/1 please

jemappellekat said...

Uno, por favor:

deanomeano said...

I'd like one please. dean[dot]tanaka[at]gmail


JCrivera said...

one please!
thank you!